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The Omni X Channel Team

Omni X Channel is your Re-commerce & Robotics Automation Partner. Here are the people that make the magic happen!
Jordan Sielaff
Co-Founder, CSO
An ex-Amazon and ex-eBay executive that has pioneered asset disposition programs for Insurance Providers, Manufacturers, Retailers and Marketplaces. Jordan is an avid supporter of closing the loop for brand manufacturers and retailers to maximize value recovery at all points within the product lifecycle. Jordan leverages his wealth of industry knowledge to build systems that drive effective bottom-line results within achievable timelines.
Jon Pederson
Co-Founder, CPO
Jon brings a diverse background spanning Internet, technology, management, development and operations. He has lead new platforms and products at Amazon, and established many Internet businesses over the past two decades. Having a firm grasp on business and a passion for the digital world, his broad experience leads to well-rounded, results-based solutions that establish a foundation for growth, flexibility, and maximum return on investment.


We collaborate with the sales and operations experts at our Brand partners to review opportunities and impact across the business including, supply chain, technology, logistics, market dynamics and sales channels to create an optimized solution that drives total strategic value.


We provide the critical resources and tools based on Apple’s business needs to minimize upfront resource expenses. This puts Apple in the position to lead strategy with us and ability to focus in on the core business while we execute and support the sales expansion into new online channels, programs and markets.
Jeff Louden
Co-Founder, CMO
Jeff is a Go-To-Market Strategist, Distribution expert, ecommerce founder, and start up investor. He utilizes his comprehensive perspective acquired through working within the largest and smallest of companies in the full ecosystem of wireless sectors including Manufacturing, Retail, network service provider, and distribution to create solutions that work. He has recently built winning teams and successful businesses in the worlds of B2B, wholesale distribution and ecommerce. His goal is to serve his clients by serving the interest of the end customer.
Gavenraj “Raj” Sodhi
Partner,SVP AI & Robotics Expansion
Raj brings 15+ years of experience in product management, sales and solutions strategy definition with a speciality in the convergence of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Process Automation. Specific expertise resides in Telecom Retail, Healthcare, and Education.


Our team knows how to manage scale. We have worked with manufacturers, retailers, marketplaces and distributors to build & support product sales operation management solutions that have delivered +$1B in revenue annually and reduced cost by leveraging our lessons learned, into resources and tools.
omni x channel
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